Mastering the art of cinematic video production while exploring the beauty and lifestyle of the Central Coast!


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Video Quest Adventure Overview

[styled_box color=”green” title=”For Your Professional Life“]
Break free from boring talking head videos about your business and show people your passion and knowledge that you have to offer them. I make it easy and fun for you to get involved in the most impactful marketing tool on the Internet today. Video is the way in which potential clients differentiate you for your competition. It is the #1 medium for you to effectively communicate to your existing client base. Learn how to deliver high quality videos to your customer base with 4 simple tools, a smartphone, laptop, microphone and tripod. You already have the most expensive part of your video production kit in your possession, your smartphone and your laptop. By investing in a few cost effective tools and spending a day with me you will be producing the kind of content that keeps people engaged.
[styled_box color=”green” title=”For Your Personal Life“]
With today’s technology we can and do record hundreds of hours of video and take thousands of photos. Yet where does it all go? A fleeting moment on Facebook? Start creating the epic story of your life. We all have unique adventures and feelings in life that we would like to share with others and enjoy revisiting. I am here to inspire you and guide you to think differently about how life’s moments are captured and shared. On our video adventure together you will learn how to compose, shoot and edit your unique experience. We will be adventurous and playful while learning storytelling and movie making techniques that you will use for more interesting travel videos and much more personal and affordable special occasion videos.
[styled_box color=”green” title=”Your Gudie & Coach“]
I am the best coach and guide for this amazing 8 hour adventure because I am absolutely passionate about filmmaking, connecting to people and sharing the beauty of Central Coast of California. I have been a filmmaker for over 25 yrs and know how to live life to its fullest and make each day a lasting memory.