Gina DeGirolamo

Director of Photography

videographer Paso Robles CAGina DeGirolamo has been working in the film & television industry for over 25 years. She received her degree in communication & television production at Ohio State University and began her career in New York City at a high profile commercial production house, Michael Ulick Productions/Geoffrey Mayo Films. The 3 years spent there were an excellent introduction into the fast paced and high demanding world of film production. She worked as a production assistant and became very familiar with the ins and outs of a multi million-dollar production company.

Once Gina chose to focus her career on the cinematography aspect of production she moved to Los Angeles. She spent 1988-1994 working as a camera assistant on television commercials along with dramatic and comedic television series. Gina took the leap to camera operator on the hit HBO television series DREAM ON. From there she lensed numerous shows including PROVIDENCE, ARLISS, MURDER ONE, THE CLIENT, ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE and many others for ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. She has been a passionate Director of Photography on several independent films, documentaries and short films since 1997.

Gina has spoken at numerous universities including USC and AFI about the role of the cinematographer with the intention of bringing practical knowledge to the classroom. She has also helped many first time directors get their careers off the ground by shooting short films and first time features.

In the last ten years,  Gina has broadened her scope of filmmaker to producing, editing and directing. Gina has been honored by the International Cinematographers Guild 2005 Short Film Showcase for her work on BROTHERS and has shot literally hundreds of short form videos for the web. She continues to work in the documentary film world along with sharing her passion for helping small business owners and corporations broaden their video presence on the web.

Recently, Gina has been accepted as a Master in The Arcanum which is an online learning community based on the old world style of Master and Apprentice. She is now mentoring photographers and videographers world wide.

The project closest to Gina’s heart right now is Healing Heart TV which is a company dedicated to creating and curating films and media that is conducive to healing. You can learn more about this project here.

Below is Gina’s Meet the Master video for The Arcanum where you can get a glimpse into her history and her passion.