Gina D's Smartphone Video Techniques

15 part online video training series teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to start making professional videos now!

$147 For Complete Series


What You Will Learn

  • How to Prepare for Your Shoot

    You will be given very specific instruction on how prepare your equipment, what you need and even proper film terminology.

  • How to Shoot

    I show you exactly how to set up your smartphone for proper shooting, how to test your equipment and give you a video shoot assignment.

  • Step-by-Step Editing

    8 of the 15 videos are dedicated to the editing process so you will know exactly how to create your own titles, transitions, sound editing and so much more.

Benefits From The Training

  • Up To Date Content

    Need to keep your website updated with fresh video content? Now you can without the cost of expensive gear or video crews.

  • Your Message Worldwide

    By creating more video content for your website you can communicate with so many more people.

  • Increase Sales

    It is proven that video content converts into more sales. By learning to master video creation you will be increasing your market share.

Awesome Value!!

You will receive access to 3 training modules which include 15 videos, links to equipment sources, membership Gina D's Video Quest Adventure Academy private FB group and a once a month training call with me.

ONLY $147 ! 

Praise for Gina D's Online Training

Nick Dunning, CEO & Founder, Peak Performance For Actors

"I just bought this course and am blown away by the quality and the detail and the training...and I'm in the business...Gina, this is seriously under priced..."

Veronique Piere, Certified Yoga & Zumba Instructor

"Here! Here! Gina could certainly be charging a heck of a lot more for this course! GREAT content and GREAT value! I'm still practicing but am learning so much from the course."

What's included in this awesome training? See below!

7 Videos on Preparing and Shooting

  • Video # 1 - Equipment Overview

    This is where it all begins. Gina D. and co-host Bill Poett go over all the equipment you need to get started on shooting your smartphone videos.

  • Video #2 - Film Terminology

    Every art form has it’s own language. In this video  Gina D.  will cover basic film terms so you will understand the vocabulary for future videos.

  • Video #3 - Composition & Lighting

    Cinematic video begins with great composition and understanding lighting. Gina & Bill cover some basics on how to frame your shot and what to look out for while filming outdoors.

  • Video #4 - Setting up & Testing Equipment

    Before running off to shoot  your video you will  need to know exactly  how to test your equipment properly and how to set up your tripod correctly.

  • Video #5 - Shooting Assignment

    Gina D. gives you your shooting assignment and addressees a few more items you need to know before shooting your video. She also covers the Rule of Thirds.

  • Video #6 - Shooting the Master

    Watch as Gina D. follows Bill to see how he handles setting up his master. You will also learn some great tips on how to present yourself in front of camera as well in this video.

  • Video #7 - Shooting B-Roll Footage

    Gina D. continues to follow Bill around the beautiful Awanhee Hotel as he shoots b-roll footage. There are more great tips on shooting good b-roll in this video. (Whats b-roll? You will learn in video #2)

Plus 8 More Videos On Editing!


Get Started Now Creating Your Great Video!