The original Central Coast outdoor movie
company and creators of the VineyardCinema.

Cometo California's Central Coast wine region and experience a bit ofTuscany. Cinema e Vino Paradiso presents private wine tasting,Italian cuisine and a movie all under the stars. The Central Coastof California is one of the countries top vacation spots for foodand wine lovers. Paso Robles is in the heart of this Californiafood & wine destination and becoming recognized as the new NapaValley.


"Ithink we died on the way here...because now we are inheaven!"

Cass Vineyard-Outdoor-Cinema

Imagineyourself sitting on a hillside in Tuscany as the sun sets behind aharvest-time vineyard and a lovely villa. Are you there yet? Areyou ready to be transported to this idyllic place? Good. Now youare ready for CINEMA E VINO PARADISO!

Cinemae Vino Paradisopresentsprivate wine tasting, Tuscan style dinner & a classic film ALLoutside under the stars at selected Central Coast wineries!Whetherit be at one of our chosen host wineries or a private event,Cinemae Vino Paradiso willtransform the night into La Dolce Vita...The SweetLife.

Westart the evening with a private wine tasting. Hereyou will receive that extra special attention from the host winery.You will then receive a delectable Tuscan style dinner.The film will begin as soon as night falls upon the outdoortheater. Seating is picnic style. Table seating, chairs &blankets will be provided. We encourage you to bring your favoriteblanket or lawn chair if you would like.

It is like a night in Tuscany.
We provide the food, wine and atmosphere. You provide thelove.

Seewhat the press is saying about a night with Cinema e VinoParadiso!

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Central Coast WineRegion

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